"Red wine & coffee were my only addictions prior to receiving my first box of World's Best Toffee! I simply can't get enough!"
— Anita
Charlestown, PA
satisfied customer

About World's Best Toffee

As business owners previous to World's Best Toffee we have always looked for unusual and unique gifts to say Thank You to our clients. We wanted very much to have something special to give for Christmas each year to express our appreciation for our clients business.

Creatively thinking, we decided to give our clients our family's famous English toffee that all of our sister-in-laws, moms and grandmas made for friends and family at Christmas. Our famous secret family recipe that people try to bribe you for or threaten to abduct your smallest child for toffee ransom. It was always an annual event that everyone looked forward to. Back then we packed our handmade English toffee in Christmas tins and went on our merry way delivering our thank you gifts.

The response from our clients was so fantastically positive it was almost unbelievable. We were getting calls from our clients asking for more and telling us stories of toffee being devoured in a matter of minutes. There were reports of some people hoarding it or hiding it so they wouldn't have to share World's Best Toffee with anyone else. Some clients took it home to share with their families for holiday dinners and parties, causing their wives or sisters or friends to clamor for the recipe.

World's Best Toffee is now available year round with shipping world-wide! Our toffee is that kind of special sweetness that evokes the most basic sensation of delicious satisfaction. With that in mind, we invite you to experience World's Best Toffee.